Is Pickering Ontario a good place to live?

Is Pickering Ontario a good place to live?

There are only a few neighbourhoods in the whole Canada that are as family-friendly as Pickering. The people are welcoming and there’s a strong sense of community. More importantly, Pickering has all the ideal elements of an enjoyable place to live in. As such, it’s safe to say that Pickering is a great place to live.

Is Pickering cheaper than Toronto?

So, if you want to live in this region, Pickering is a good choice. Current housing prices are approximately $900,000 on average, compared to over $1 million in Toronto. While Pickering is more expensive than other communities in Canada, it still represents a fairly affordable option in the region.

What is Pickering known for?

Pickering is home to the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station, an eight-reactor facility with a capacity of 4,120 megawatts. The first station, Pickering A, opened with four reactors in 1971. Ontario Power Generation, the plants’ operator, is the largest single employer in the city.

Is Pickering safe?

Crime rates in Pickering, ON, Canada

Level of crime 36.45 Low
Crime increasing in the past 3 years 64.24 High
Worries home broken and things stolen 29.56 Low
Worries being mugged or robbed 32.22 Low
Worries car stolen 31.38 Low

Is Pickering cheap to live in?

Out of the 23 regions of the Greater Toronto Area, Pickering remains one of the most affordable, ranking at #18 for most expensive. The average housing price is falling around $679,763, which when compared to other cities is quite affordable.

Is Pickering better than Ajax?

Pickering is more expensive right now as compared to Ajax. The newer schools in Ajax have very good ratings. Ajax is more diverse but now I am noticing more areas are increasingly becoming multi cultural and definitely more diverse. Whitby houses are cheaper than Ajax but then Whitby is also way further East.

Is Pickering A good place to invest in real estate?

Overall, it’s a great place to invest.” ca’s Broker of Record, Robert Van Rhijn, Pickering is one of the places best positioned to provide the biggest return on your investment. “You’re getting in on a housing market that’s about 17% cheaper than Toronto’s, says Van Rhijn.

Is Pickering diverse?

As the eastern gateway to the GTA, Pickering is strategically located where Toronto, York and Durham Regions meet. Pickering’s diverse businesses range from world-class industrial to professional services and retail.

What area is Pickering?

89.42 mi² Pickering/Area

Is Pickering considered Toronto?

Just east of the city of Toronto, Durham Region consists of towns such as Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Uxbridge, Brock, Scugog and Clarington.

What is there to do in Pickering today?

  • Waterfront Trail. 105.
  • Frenchman’s Bay Marina. Marinas.
  • Pickering Museum Village. Speciality Museums History Museums.
  • Petticoat Creek Conservation Park. Nature & Wildlife Areas.
  • Wild Things Petting Farm. Zoos.
  • Bible Faith Church.
  • Roadshow Antiques Pickering.
  • Manresa Jesuit Spiritual Renewal Centre.

What is the population of Pickering?

91,771 people At present, Pickering, ON has a population of 91,771 people.

Is Ajax a safe place to live?

Safe and Secure Living Whether you are relocating with family or moving on your own, Ajax offers its residents a safe and secure place to grow. According to, the town has a 34% lower crime rate compared to the national average.

How many reactors are in Pickering?

six The Pickering station is one of the larger nuclear facilities in the world, comprising six operating CANDU nuclear reactors with a total output of 3,100 MW when all units are on line, and two non-operating units currently shut down in safe storage.

Is Oshawa part of Toronto?

For example, Oshawa is the centre of its own CMA, yet deemed part of the Greater Toronto Area, while other municipalities, such as New Tecumseth in southern Simcoe County and Mono Township in Dufferin County are included in the Toronto CMA but not in the GTA.

What city is Scarborough?

Toronto Scarborough/City

Is Oshawa up and coming?

Oshawa, Ont., one of the fastest-growing areas in the country, according to Statistics Canada. Oshawa is continuing to see an influx of new residents, according to the latest statistics from Statistics Canada. Over the past year, the city’s area population grew more than 2 per cent, gaining nearly 10,000 more residents

Is Uxbridge Ontario a nice place to live?

Uxbridge is a gem of a community, offering lots of green space and a heritage feel. It’s also extremely walkable – residents can stroll the entire town and especially the Main Street drag, which is charming in the summer, as well as take advantage of the many walking trails and forests nearby.

Where is Durham live being built?

Pickering, Ontario Durham Live is an entertainment district that is currently under development in the Canadian city of Pickering, Ontario.

Is Whitby a good place to live 2021?

Despite its ideal location to Toronto, housing in Whitby remain quite affordable. Falling around the $657K mark, properties move quickly when listed, as many people are finding Whitby to be the perfect balance of large city amenities with a small town community.

Is Oshawa a good place to buy a house?

Until 2020. The past few years, as Toronto real estate has increased in value to the level where it has become unaffordable to many buyers, the Oshawa area has started to become the place to settle down. If you are looking for a home or investment, Oshawa is a great place to invest.

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